How we work

We design, implement and maintain websites based on the stages which we have developed over the years. We take full responsibility for the proper functioning of the website, providing high quality hosting in the cloud.

How we work

Pre-implementation stage

  1. Pre-implementation consultation

    • We determine the aims of your website
    • We determine the target audience of your website
    • We build your information architecture
  2. First design - mockups

    • We create a mockup of your homepage
    • We design all unique subpages and a clickable prototype
    • We develop desktop and mobile versions
  3. Functional specification

    • We describe all functions we were unable to show in the prototype

Implementation stage

  1. Second design - graphics

    • We design your homepage
    • We design all unique elements and subpages
  2. Technology

    • We code and program your website
    • We install our very own content manager system CMSmanager
    • We conduct internal tests
  3. Data entry/import

    • We teach you how to use our CMSmanager
    • We introduce all content to your website
    • If necessary, we write scripts for automatic import of large quantities of data
  4. Publication and stabilization

    • We publish your website
    • We monitor its operation in the weeks following publication

Post-implementation service

  1. Cloud hosting

    • 3 parallel production servers and load balancers ensure stable access to your website
    • Backups are stored in 2 different cities
    • Server parameters may be increased instantly
  2. Warranty and assistance

    • We offer a 12-month warranty that can be extended to up to 3 years
    • We guarantee immediate support from our engineers and a fixed hourly service rate
  3. Marketing support

    • We run Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns
    • Content marketing, social media campaigns and other marketing activities are conducted by our subsidiary, Abanana Agency
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We use stable technologies:

  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP5
  • Zend Framework
  • MySQL
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