Caparol is a German brand of professional paints and insulation systems. It was the first company in the world that developed dispersion paints, including facade ones. Today, Caparol products are valued by contractors not only in Europe, but also worldwide.

The website has been prepared to handle 3 loyalty programs for different groups of recipients (small and large contractors and sellers). It contains an e-commerce section, where the collected points can be exchanged for prizes, and purchase documents submitted. This can be done either through the user panel (available also on mobile devices) or via MMS messages. To enable administrators to monitor the statuses of all three programs, an easy-to-use content management system and report modules have also been prepared. All this was integrated with the banking system allowing for the ordering and topping up of the prepaid cards, as well as ongoing updating of the balance, seen in the user panel.

Customer opinion

Thanks to the experience of the Eura7 team and their analysis of our needs, we quickly understood that the right action would be to prepare a complex system that would allow us to handle all 3 loyalty projects. An additional challenge was to make this system easy to use both for the loyalty program organizer and the participants themselves, who register their purchases and choose the prizes. The support of experts from the Eura7 agency made the project run quickly and smoothly and the system’s seamless operation is now highly appreciated by programme coordinators who use it on a daily basis.
Barbara KempaTrade Marketing Manager, Caparol Polska
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