StekTimer / GrillTimer


Sokołów S.A. is a leader and the most recognizable brand in the meat processing industry in Poland. The company's strongest brands include Gold, Sokoliki, Uczta Qulinarna, Naturrino and Darz Bór.

The Steak Timer app is dedicated to steaks and Qulinary Feast products. When developing the tool, we took advantage of the know-how of a master chef to enable the user to prepare perfectly cooked steaks. An additional feature built into the app is the possibility of sharing the culinary achievements via social media. The app was that successful on the Polish market that the Sokołów brand owner, Danish Crown, decided to introduce it to their domestic market.

Customer opinion

The Steak Timer app was prepared by Eura7 for the Sokołów brand. The tool was very well received on the Polish market, which is reflected in its very high ratings: five stars for iOs and 4.36 for Android. As the Sokołów brand is owned by Danish Crown, the owner also decided to introduce the app to the Danish market. It was done in 2017, under the app name: GrillTimer. These activities clearly show the success of the Eura7 team.
Marcin BałandaPR and Communication Director, Sokołów S.A.
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