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Magnat is a brand belonging to the Śnieżka Capital Group, which offers paints and solutions for interior design inspired by the beauty of gemstones.

The Eura7 team began work on the site by introducing changes that allowed for the dropping of outdated technologies used so far (for example ‘flash’). Thanks to the new solutions, the loading time of the website was significantly shortened, and the site itself became responsive. To facilitate the selection of colors, an advanced set of tools was created, including the Interior Creator. During the configuration clients can use ready-made projects or upload their own photos. They can also take advantage of the advisory service or a paint consumption calculator. The website for the Magnat brand was launched in 10 languages.

Customer opinion

We have been working with Eura7 since 2012. Over the years, we have trusted them with the creation and maintenance of all product sites for brands like Śnieżka, Vidaron, Magnat and Foveotech. The team is highly competent and flexible, and the websites they build occupy high positions in Google search results, have a well thought-out information architecture and run quickly.
Here are some examples of the functionalities they have implemented for us:
  • a fully operational CMS,
  • tools for managing users, roles and authorizations,
  • various language versions,
  • ability to upload photos, films, attachments and locations using interactive maps, e.g. Google Maps,
  • newsletter.
I recommend Eura7 as a reliable partner.
Piotr DrogońDigital Communication Team Leader, FFiL Śnieżka S.A.
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