Company websites

Pages created for companies, should be carried out professionally and meet specific goals that the company wants to achieve through their website. Mostly business pages are designed to build the image of the company, or lead directly to an increase in product sales. In order to achieve the desired results page should be designed from the ground up with a focus on a specific purpose.

In Eura7 work on the corporate side starts from creating concept and service models. Already at this stage the final goal should be clearly stated. The final shape of the site visible on the track should be the result of cooperation between the client, who informs us about all the information that he wants to pass to the target group and service development company whose mission is to present the information on the site in such a way as to meet the goals established for the site. The next step is to create the graphics, which should also be designed for the target group and its first impression on visiting the site. The last step is coding. On the technical side the essential requirements that our services have to meet are: the compliance with W3C standards, correct display of the pages on the all major web browsers and screen resolutions.

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