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Abanana Agency provides its customers with multi-channel B2B and B2C marketing communication for brands such as Tesco Polska, Góralki, Verbena, Komfort, Śnieżka, Remington, Faber Castell, Maspex, Sokołów and many more.

As Abanana Advertising is our sister agency, developing this very website was a great pleasure for us. We wanted to show Abanana's team qualities in the simplest possible way therefore we decided to choose the OPL (One Page Layout) format. Our tasks encompassed working on the website’s graphic design, the preparation of individual graphic items and content as well as its entire implementation. The website presents key information about the agency and visualizes its projects in an interesting way.

Customer opinion

In the world of marketing, this is the creativity that allows one to be noticed. That is why we wanted our website to reflect our creative qualities alongside other assets upon which we manage projects on a daily basis. This website helps us to be perceived as professionals who believe in their vision and always achieve their goals.
Łukasz WołekCEO of Abanana Advertisng
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