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Biofos Professional is an expert of modern solutions that improve the functioning of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

So far, the client - the INCO group - has not had a website dedicated for this line of products. The site, apart from an attractive and clear presentation of the products, was also meant to explain how a septic tank works, what septic tank problems may appear and how to solve them. Eura7 carried out all the implementation work which entailed a clickable prototype, graphic design, coding HTML template and programming.

Customer opinion

When commissioning the Eura7 team for the project, we needed it to meet certain objectives. We wanted the site not only to demonstrate the performance of our products in an understandable way but also display the stores where our products are available. This way both the educational and sales goals were achieved.

Magdalena BonderBrand Manager, Grupa Inco S.A.
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