Góralki Hot Chocolate Intenso

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Góralki wafers, which are five-layer wafers laid with four layers of cream, have been loved by Poles since 2007. Currently they are being offered in 7 different flavours. Góralki has also conquered the markets of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Ireland and Canada.

We ran a consumer competition that promoted the wafer’s new flavour – Góralki Hot Chocolate Intenso. As the action was conducted on a mass scale, it required the adequate tools that would facilitate its entire logistics, the running and maintenance the promotion, and the process of data collection. We created a landing page that would allow us to register the purchase of wafers during four editions of the event. We made it modern, clear and appealing, so it encouraged customers to take part in the competition.

Customer opinion

Obviously competitions need to attract the audience’s attention but it is also important that they explain the task for the participant in a clear and understandable way. Therefore, Eura7 was presented with the task which only seemed simple but in reality required the well thought-out solutions that would smoothly guide the participants through the competition steps. The impressive number of people who took part in our competition is the best proof that the agency’s strategy and its implementation were the most successful ones.
Aleksandra KucałaBrand Manager, I.D.C. POLONIA S.A.
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