European Territorial Cooperation is a separate objective of the EU's Cohesion Policy for 2014-2020 aiming to support investments for economic growth and jobs. Under this measure, Eura7 experts, together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, prepared a web-based application which assists the implementation of the Interreg VA Poland - Slovakia 2014-2020 Cross-border Cooperation Programme.

The tool was prepared in a way that enables the easy and comprehensive settlement of complex funding applications. It serves both the Ministerial side and the beneficiaries, which include, among others, governmental and local administration bodies, their unions and associations, state or local government established units providing public services, education system institutions and universities, non-profit NGOs, European groupings of territorial cooperation, churches and religious associations, as well as scientific research units. Our application enables the comprehensive accounting of the budgetary resources of the European Regional Development Fund, which amounts to EUR 155 million. The tool was developed in consultation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. Throughout the entire duration of the programme, Eura7 supervises the processes taking place within the website and enhances its dedicated content management system (CMSmanager).

Customer opinion

We entrusted Eura7 agency with the creation of a very complex system for submitting and settling fund applications for the co-financing of micro-projects. Throughout the entire period of building the online environment of this application, the agency showed flexibility and high competence.
As a result, for the next year in a row, we have entrusted the agency with the wide-ranging care of this system.
Marcin Filip
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