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OTCF is a Polish company built on a passion for sports. It specializes in the design, production and sale of sportswear and accessories for regular consumers as well as for professional sports people. It has a sales network in Poland consisting of 174 stores of its own 4F brand and 180 cooperating stores, as well as over a dozen stores in Latvia, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic.

The corporate website presents OTCF brands which are 4F, Outhorn, 4Faces and Everhill. In addition to the standard informative function, the website is focused on employment areas. Therefore it shows the company structure with team descriptions, as well as employees opinions and benefits, career paths, internship program and the recruitment process. Candidates will also find job offers here that are integrated with an external recruitment system.

Eura7 was also responsible for launching a twin website for the North American markets.

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