Victoria shopping center

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Galeria Victoria is the first large shopping and entertainment center in the Sudetes region housing over 100 shops.

The website has undergone a renewal of its graphic design. From now on, a strong reference to the shopping center’s logo is visible. The architecture of the website was also changed so all information is presented in a more modern, clearer way. Now the website contains not only the latest news and promotions, but also job offers, which can be edited easily, therefore the workload and time spend on content management is reduced. The customers were also given an easy-to-navigate shopping center plan for mobile devices.

Customer opinion

A modern and easy-to-perceive form combined with the eye-catching visual qualities were the key goals that we had set for Eura7 concerning our new website. Both we, the management, and the shopping center’s customers are very pleased with the final effect, which is owed to the agency’s experience, professionalism and their understanding of our expectations.
Marcin ChwiałkowskiMarketing Manager
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