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Tato.Net is a community of fathers developed by the Cyril and Methodius Foundation. It inspires men to experience fatherhood as a passion and the most important career of their life. For this purpose, it provides them with specific tools to support each other in becoming better fathers.

The new Tato.Net website is characterized by its lightness and minimalism, which perfectly reflects the spirit of the community and emphasizes its commitment to fatherhood issues. Thanks to an advanced yet intuitive search engine, users can easily find the tools and resources they need to develop their paternal skills. The site includes categories such as advice, events, articles, and community support, making navigation and access to valuable content easier.

The use of the latest technologies has significantly reduced the website's loading time, positively impacting the results in Google PageSpeed Insights, improving the user experience and positioning in the Google search engine. Such solutions favor reaching fathers seeking support and inspiration in the daily challenges of fatherhood.

Customer opinion

The Eura7 team is distinguished not only by technical knowledge but also by an understanding of the client's needs and the ability to translate them into real solutions. The project implementation was exemplary, and the work proceeded according to the schedule, without unnecessary involvement of our employees. The proposed technology and tools turned out to be a bullseye.
Greta WinklerPresident of the Board of the Cyril and Methodius Foundation | Responsible for the Tato.Net brand
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