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Nordweld Tank Building System AB is a Swedish company delivering construction systems for steel storage tanks that optimize both efficiency and costs. It is also part of the TLC Group.

The company needed a website that would above all reliably display their innovative technology. So, a designated layout was created that answered the need of precise description of each element, as well as how their storage tanks are constructed and used. The site was also SEO optimised, which earned it the highest possible position in the results of organic search engines for selected keywords and phrases.

Customer opinion

We needed our website to be just as good as our projects: to clearly show potential clients how and with what technology we support construction of steel storage tanks, as well as what distinguishes us from the competition. Within our own company, we put a high value on professionalism, trust and partnership, and we were happy to find those qualities in the Eura7 team.
Jacek CzechBoard Member, TLC Sp. z o.o.
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