Wafers Góralki

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I.D.C. POLONIA S.A. is the exclusive distributor of the largest Slovak confectionery producer - I.D.C. Holding. Portfolio of the Polish division includes such brands as Góralki, Verbena, Lusette, Figaro and Andante.

The Góralki website was created alongside revamping the Góralki brand, and the scope of work involved everything from the website’s concept and copywriting to its graphic design, 3D packshot models, programming and coding. The website received the OPL form (One Page Layout) with distinctive elements such as a rich graphic design, individual product sections, a large number of animations and a social media section, which is integrated with Instagram. This way photos from @góralkipolska Instagram profile appear on the website in real time. The style of graphics and animations are tailored to the target group audience.

Customer opinion

The most important task for us and the Eura7 team was to design a website that would reflect the character of the brand and distinguish it from the competitors. Thanks to the solutions proposed by the agency, the website allows one to travel through the sweet land of Góralki wafers. And although this land changes over the years, the website is still modern and meets its objectives in 100%.
Aleksandra KucałaBrand Manager, I.D.C. POLONIA S.A.
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